Coal Washery Plant Built with 500 Million Birr Goes Operational

A new state-of-the-art coal washery plant built by the local company Yo Holding Trade and Manufacturing PLC with 500 million Birr has begun operation in Benishangul-Gumuz region.

With an annual washing capacity of 1 million tons of high-quality coal, this is the first coal washing plant in Ethiopia, officials of the company announced today.

The plant uses advanced processes to remove impurities from raw coal, producing a cleaner-burning product that contains fewer emissions when burned, Deputy CEO of Yo Holding Trade and Manufacturing PLC Ataklti Tesfay said.

Local coal washing capabilities will help Ethiopia reduce dependence on foreign sources as Ethiopia imports about 1 million tons of washed coal annually, costing over 227 million USD.

According to Ataklti, the washed coal is dried on-site and transported to meet growing demand from industries like cement, steel, ceramics, pulp and gypsum manufacturing across Ethiopia.

Many of these companies face coal supply shortages due to lack of foreign currency to import washed coal, he noted, adding that the new local source of washed coal will enable several industries to operate at full capacity.

Moreover, the modern plant signifies an important advance for Ethiopia's coal industry and energy development by improving coal quality and reducing polluting emissions.

The factory has created 200 jobs for Ethiopians and the goal is to hire up to 700 workers, it was learned.

Yo Holding Trade and Manufacturing Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer, Yetaseb Degu, on his part said the production capacity of the plant will reach 2.1 million tons annually when expansion is completed next Ethiopian fiscal year.

He added that would make Ethiopia the 5th largest producer of washed coal in Africa.

According to the research done by the company, there is coal reserve in the place that will last for up to 50 years.

The chief officer pointed out that the state-of-the-art plant not only substitutes import but also enhance the quality and competitiveness of Ethiopian coal in international markets.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency