AU’s Peace, Security Council Organizes Exhibition as Part of Its 20th Anniversary

Addis Ababa: The Peace and Security Council (PSC) of the African Union organized an exhibition at its headquarters in Addis Ababa today in commemorating its 20th Anniversary.

Various officials of the AU were present at the exhibition including Bankole Adeoye, AU Commissioner for Political Affairs Peace and Security.

The exhibition, that depicts humanitarian, peace, and security activities of the council, is part of a series of activities and PSC sessions scheduled from March to December 2024, aimed at assessing the Council’s evolution and its discharge of mandate.The exhibition aims to showcase the African Union Commission’s Humanitarian Action efforts on the continent.

It has created an opportunity for humanitarian agencies to highlight their work in the continent.

Over the years, the PSC has engaged and partnered with various stakeholders to prevent, manage, and resolve conflicts, as well as to address humanitarian situations, according to information obtained from the AU.

In this month of May, the 20t
h anniversary of the official launch of the Peace and Security Council is being commemorated by various events until December 2024.

Throughout the month the significant strides made by the Council for the past 20 years in promoting peace, security and stability across Africa will be reflected, the statement issued by the council stated.

The commemoration will run throughout the whole year of 2024, but the month of May, being the month in which the PSC was officially launched will have the grand activities with the active participation of all AU Member States, AU Organs, Regional Economic Communities/Regional Mechanisms for Conflict Prevention, Management and Resolution (RECs/RMs), Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), think tanks, academic institutions, as well as bilateral and multilateral partners.

The celebration presents a unique opportunity for the Council to assess its accomplishments and the challenges faced over the past two decades in discharging its mandate of promoting peace, security and stabilit
y in Africa.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

Measures Against Organized Terrorist, Criminal Forces Will Continue Unabated -NISS

Addis Ababa: The National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) announced that the law enforcement activity being taken against forces attempting to commit organized terrorist and criminal activities in Addis Ababa would further be consolidated.

According to a statement obtained from the National Intelligence and Security Service, a report on intelligence operations carried out in Addis Ababa and surrounding areas was presented to senior intelligence and security officials, and discussed today.

Chief of Staff Field Marshal Birhanu Jula, National Intelligence and Security Service Director-General Redwan Hussein, senior officials of federal intelligence and security service institutions, judicial institutions and regional security bureaus have taken part in the consultative forum.

During the discussion, it has been noted that success has been achieved in preventing and thwarting the organized conspiracy of anti-peace forces and other illegal activities.

This is due to the coordinated operations of the in
telligence and security service institutions, it was noted.

The statement also said that the network of the clandestinely organized extremist force that operated in the name of Fano in the Amhara region, but moved to Addis Ababa to create havoc in the political and economic capita, due to its inability to resist the heavy blow of the National Defense Force, has been dismantled.

Similarly, the measure taken against the Shene terrorist group, which is trying to disrupt the peaceful movement of the people in some areas of Oromia region, has broken the backbone of the group and caused huge human and material losses.

According to the statement, the service has foiled the attempts of groups with ties to anti-peace forces to commit robbery, kidnaping and other organized crimes in Addis Ababa and its surroundings. The attempts were foiled by coordinated surveillance and operations conducted by security and intelligence agencies.

More than 174 individuals suspected of the crimes have been arrested with incendiary
explosives and various weapons and their cases are being investigated in accordance with the law, it said.

In addition, the statement stated that individuals working in revenues and customs, banks, judiciary and some government offices who embitter the people, are involved in looting and collaborating with destructive forces are being identified and detained.

Chief of Staff Field Marshal Birhanu Jula said on the occasion that the joint operations of the security and intelligence institutions have enabled them to break the backbone of the destructive forces involved in terrorism, organized robbery, robbery, and kidnaping.

This helped to create relative peace and made the people lead normal activities, he stated.

The security and intelligence institutions will continue to consolidate their efforts to achieve better performance while correcting the gaps and limitations, the chief of staff pointed out, adding that similar platforms will continue in the future.

NISS Director-General Redwan Hussein said the se
curity and intelligence institutions will continue to carry out operations to avert organized crimes, terrorism and activities of anti-peace forces based on serviliance.

He stressed that all institutions have reached consensus on the need to improve, inspect and evaluate themselves to carry out the mission efficiently and avoid the risks that would cause grievances among the public.

The forum was relevant to exchange useful experiences, he added.

Redwan stated efforts will continue to hold similar forums in a joint and coordinated manner to take the reforms to a new height, ensure the support of the public and make the security and intelligence institutions free from corrupt practices.

Finally, the director-general stated that a consensus has been reached that information exchange and multifaceted support between intelligence and security institutions be managed in a manner that ensures national peace and security, and that similar platforms be prepared and performances evaluated.

Source: Ethiopian News

Valor of Ethiopia’s Peacekeeping Force in Korea Shows Its Commitment for Global Peace: FM Taye

Addis Ababa: The valor Ethiopia’s Kagnew Battalion Force showed in Korea in its peacekeeping mission demonstrates the commitment of Ethiopia in ensuring global peace, Foreign Affairs Minister Taye Atskeselassie said.

The minister made the remark at the 73th year anniversary of Ethiopia’s participation in the Korean peacekeeping mission today.

FM Taye said on the occasion that “we have to honor the veterans who had participated in the peacekeeping mission and document their stories.”

According to him, Ethiopia’s contribution toward ensuring Korea’s peace has consolidated the relationships between the two countries.

The contribution of Ethiopia at the time also showed the virtue of our people, he added.

South Korea Ambassador to Ethiopia Jung Kang said on his part that the price Ethiopia paid for Korea’s peace is unforgettable.

The ambassador noted that price paid in blood has laid the foundation for the strong bilateral relations between Ethiopia and Korea.

Families of Ethiopian Korean war veterans and
other invited guests attended the commemoration organized by Ethiopian Korean War Veterans Association.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

Nat’l Dialogue Commission Urges Ethiopians to Seize Opportunity, Resolve Problems Facing the Country

Addis Ababa: Commissioner of National Dialogue Ambassador Mohamoud Dirir called upon Ethiopians to seize the opportunity of the commission towards solving the problems facing the country, not just pass them to the future generations.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Commissioner Mohamoud noted there have been calls from various sectors of the society including political parties, intellectuals, renowned personalities to establish a national dialogue because of the crisis that the country has been passing through.

But for the last few decades, this has not happened, he said, adding the current government has brought the idea and established the Ethiopian National Dialogue Commission which is an independent body and not affiliated to any political party.

The commission is working to make inclusive dialogue a reality in Ethiopia, he said.

He also stated that the task is a very daunting and recalled the many opportunities which have been squandered in Ethiopian modern history.

‘We call upon all Ethiopians
to seize this opportunity and only through dialogue solve the problems that we are facing currently and not to pass them to the future generations,’ he said.

The country has enormous diversity, huge resources, but there are political issues that hinder the country from moving forward.

The attempt of solving political issues by some quarters through armed struggle will not lead us to a solution, Mohamoud said.

‘What we are saying is this method or this style of going to fight against this government or any future government would not lead us to a solution. It would lead to more bloodshed, displacement of people, poverty and disruption of lives of people,’ he underlined.

Therefore, the commissioner underscored that ‘the only solution that we have in Ethiopia is to sit down sanely and solve our problems through dialogue.’

The Ethiopian National Dialogue is not an elite bargain, he said, adding that it is a dialogue that is very inclusive and includes the entire spectrum of the society to participate in the
dialogue process.

This has to be an inclusive and transparent process and accepted by all, as it is legitimate and democratic process.

There is a very high expectation of the people of Ethiopia given there is the conflict, disruption of livelihoods, a displacement of people here and there as well as frustrations as well, he added.

‘We have seen the huge expectation of our people which emanates from their desire for peace, stability and not to pass the current turbulence and differences to next generations.’

Hence, ‘the Commission believes and I should say that the only way up for Ethiopia is the national dialogue. Let us sit together, solve our problems through dialogue, which will enable us to solve our problems,’ he stressed.

On other hand, Commissioner Mohamoud also called upon the armed groups to participate sanely in the national dialogue.

‘There will be a safeguard process through which the armed groups, pending upon their will to participate in the process. We as a commission, call upon all the a
rmed groups to accept the peaceful dialogue that is taking place in Ethiopia and be part of the process, not against the process,’ he said.

According to him, the belief in armed struggle has been tried several times in Ethiopian modern history and what we have reaped as Ethiopians from that is conflict, war, displacement of people, destruction of economies, and disruption of livelihoods.

‘Enough is enough. This is a time for us to sit and to face the realities of Ethiopia, through dialogue,’ he underlined.

‘I hope that this dialogue will succeed with the help of the entire population of Ethiopia, the political parties, the intellectuals, opinion makers, and the entire system of the government as well as the regional states.’

This is the only solution that we have, he said, stressing it is a process that ‘we shouldn’t squander as we have squandered many opportunities of the past.’

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

Former President Mulatu Meets with President Erdogan

Addis Ababa: President Recep Tayyip Erdogan met with former President Mulatu Teshome Wirtu of Ethiopia at the Presidential Complex.

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Taye Atske Selassie has also met with his Turkish counterpart Hakan Fidan in Ankara.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

Photo Exhibition Portraying 120 Year Ethiopia, U.S Relations Opens

Addis Ababa: A photo exhibition that depicts the 120 years of bilateral relations between Ethiopia and United States opened at the National Museum in Addis Ababa today.

This event promises to showcase an array of captivating photographs depicting the longstanding bilateral relationship between the United States and Ethiopia.

US Ambassador to Ethiopia, Ervin Massinga said on the occasion that the exhibition serves as a testament to the enduring ties between the two nations.

‘Through these thoughtfully selected photographs, we celebrate the milestones and connections between our two countries in various sectors such as health, education, agriculture, and economic development. Each image serves as a reminder of the strong, resilient, long-term bonds that unite us,’ he stated.

According to the ambassador, opting to extend this exhibition to various venues in Addis Ababa demonstrates the dedication to accessibility and inclusivity.

Ambassador Massinga pointed out that these impactful images are accessible to
a diverse audience from prominent public areas to the digital domain, surpassing boundaries, touching viewers both locally and globally.

Finally, he reiterated, “Let us continue to foster and strengthen the friendship between the United States and Ethiopia for countless years to come.”

Tourism State Minister Sileshi Girma said that the photo exhibit showcases captivating images that captured key moments in the long, thriving relations of Ethiopia and the United States.

It also marks a continuation of the 120 years anniversary celebration of the start of bilateral relations between the two countries.

Today, Ethiopia is of the United States closest allies in Sub-Sahara Africa, the state minister said, adding that the countries work together in diverse areas of cooperation, including economic development, security, health care and education, among others.

Moreover, Sileshi stated that the cultural and people-to-people ties between Ethiopia and the United Sates are also growing from time to time.

The diplom
atic relations between Ethiopia and the United States started in 1903, following the signing of a Treaty of Commerce by Emperor Menelik II and US Representative Robert P. Skinner.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency