Giambattista Valli dazzles Barcelona during the Bridal Night

BARCELONA, Spain, April 19, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The most exclusive fashion show of the Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week charmed over 450 guests last night who enjoyed a unique show in the historic building of the Llotja de Mar. The Maison Giambattista Valli exclusively celebrated the runway debut of its bridal collection during the Bridal Night, the gala evening of the event organized by Fira de Barcelona with the support of the Catalan Ministry of Business and Labor.

In an extraordinary show, Giambattista Valli’s 30 creations shone with their own light. It was a culmination of silhouettes, representing a comprehensive exhibition of Mr. Valli’s concept of contemporary bridal dressing, inviting his audience to witness the manifestation of his vision, translated into a presentation that embodies the essence of individuality, sharing a dream and a celebration and love.

The fashion show featured ten dresses from the third “Love Collection,” ten iconic silhouettes from the first and second “Love Collections” and ten Haute Couture creations, inspiring the magnificence and the savoir-faire of the Ateliers, stepping away from classic wedding rituals and focusing on the significance of the emotions of the “moment” and the joys of celebrations. Infused with the Maison’s idyllic aesthetic and excellence, Valli’s dresses stood out with a contemporary edge, whether through clean lines, unforgettable volumes or unexpected details inspired by the personalities of an imaginary new group – Mr. Valli’s friends. This blend of classic and modern appeals to many brides worldwide looking for a unique wedding gown, in pure Valli style and tied to their own personal storytelling.

The prestigious designer was delighted after the show and said that, “I chose Barcelona and Bridal Fashion Week for the debut of my Love Collection 3 because it is an event that attracts a diverse audience of fashion enthusiasts, designers, buyers and media from all over the world, and provides me with maximum global visibility and opportunities for success.” He added, “In addition, Barcelona’s romantic and cosmopolitan atmosphere matches perfectly with the theme of my collection, which celebrates love and romance.”

The Barcelona Bridal Night had a luxurious audience and front row, including it-girl, model and international fashion icon Olivia Palermo, model and countess Lara Cosima Henckel von Donnersmarck, stylist and designer Pelayo Diaz, actress Hiba Abouk, actress and model Blanca Romero, model Marco Llorente, and TV hostess and actress Marta Torné, among other personalities.

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Vaccinologists Keith Klugman and Shabir Madhi Awarded Sabin’s Prestigious Gold Medal; Infectious Diseases Epidemiologist Nicole Basta Receives Rising Star Award

2024 Albert B. Sabin Gold Medal and 2024 Sabin Rising Star Award Presentations
Dr. Keith Klugman (left) and Dr. Shabir Madhi (right) were presented the 2024 Albert B. Sabin Gold Medal and Prof. Nicole Basta (center) received the 2024 Sabin Rising Star Award from the Sabin Vaccine Institute at the National Academy of Sciences in Washington, D.C.

WASHINGTON, April 19, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Sabin Vaccine Institute yesterday presented the Albert B. Sabin Gold Medal to physician-researchers Keith Paul Klugman and Shabir Ahmed Madhi, and its Rising Star award to infectious diseases epidemiologist Nicole Elaine Basta at a ceremony in the National Academy of Sciences building in Washington D.C.

Klugman and Madhi received the Sabin Gold Medal, one of the highest recognitions for vaccinologists globally, for their seminal combined contributions to the development of vaccines against pneumonia and diarrheal disease – major causes of death in children in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). Klugman first met his then-graduate student Madhi at South Africa’s University of the Witwatersrand (also known as Wits University), where Klugman established, and Madhi expanded, a now globally renowned infectious diseases research institute. Apart from pneumonia, their work focused on maternal and children’s vaccines including influenza, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), typhoid, and Group B streptococcus (GBS).

The evidence produced by these two awardees has and continues to inform the World Health Organization’s recommendations for vaccines. Klugman and Madhi’s research has helped pave the way for the introduction of lifesaving vaccines in public immunization programs – including the pneumococcal conjugate vaccine where their findings were pivotal in influencing vaccination policy in many LMICs.

“I am honored to award the Sabin Gold Medal to Dr. Klugman and Dr. Madhi for their extraordinary work on vaccines that have saved lives in communities most in need of these interventions,” says Amy Finan, Sabin’s chief executive officer. “Their pneumonia research has been particularly transformative in shaping our understanding of the disease and strengthening global health strategies to protect children from this vaccine-preventable disease.”

Fueled by an early interest in science as a child in South Africa — in part due to a physician father – Klugman holds both a medical as well as a science doctorate degree from Wits University and was the first student in the school’s history to obtain them simultaneously. He began his research career nearly five decades ago investigating the typhoid vaccine and has since distinguished himself as a formidable infectious diseases’ scientist. Klugman is widely known for his work on pneumonia, which still kills a child under five every 43 seconds, many in the world’s poorest countries. As the director of the pneumonia program at the Seattle-based Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Klugman orchestrates strategic initiatives aimed at reducing deaths from pneumonia, RSV, neonatal sepsis, and meningitis. He has authored hundreds of publications that have been cited over 50,000 times to date and has been elected to the National Academy of Medicine in the United States. Klugman is also a professor emeritus of global health at Atlanta’s Emory University.

His scientific achievements aside, Klugman has long championed the need for the world’s poorest children to have equitable access to vaccines. While in South Africa he joined in Wits University’s struggle to allow access to the institution for all students.

“It is absolutely wonderful to be receiving this award, especially together with Shabir,” he says. “When I look down the list of previous awardees, I recognize the great majority of them, and it is extraordinary to now be numbered among them.”

With a career spanning more than 25 years, Madhi, also from South Africa, is a trained pediatrician whose research continues to be instrumental in prioritizing the rollout of vital vaccines and guiding global public health policies. At Wits University, he led clinical trials focused on respiratory and meningeal pathogens, including vaccines targeted at pregnant women and their unborn babies. Madhi led the first study showing that a rotavirus vaccine could significantly prevent severe diarrhea during the first year of life in African infants. That research served as a key piece of evidence for the WHO’s recommendation of universal rotavirus vaccination. In addition, he also led the first two COVID-19 vaccine trials in Africa, and a number of COVID-19 epidemiology studies which led to the first evidence suggesting that infection-induced immunity and vaccinations played a role in reducing severity of disease.

Madhi heads South Africa’s widely respected South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC) Vaccines and Infectious Diseases Analytics Research Unit (Wits VIDA) and is a professor of vaccinology at Wits. He too has co-authored hundreds of publications which have been cited over 59,000 times. Madhi is a recipient of numerous lifetime achievement awards in South Africa, as well being bestowed an Honorary Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) from the British Government for his services to science and public health in a global pandemic.

“It is really humbling for me to be acknowledged for my contributions in the field of vaccinology along with those who have received the Gold Medal award,” says Madhi. “It makes me realize that the work my team and I have done is acknowledged by my peers as being of substance. Most significantly, we contributed to protecting lives in those settings where a majority of death and suffering occurs, and that is in LMICs.”

Sabin’s 2024 Rising Star Nicole Basta, an associate professor at Canada’s McGill University and Canada Research Chair in Infectious Disease Prevention, has led numerous studies to evaluate the impact of vaccines and vaccination programs for a number of globally challenging viral and bacterial diseases, including COVID-19, meningococcal disease, influenza, and HPV.

Inspired by her parents’ emphasis on the importance of education, Basta is a first-generation college graduate who earned an undergraduate degree at Princeton University and graduate degrees at the University of Cambridge and the University of Washington. She has distinguished herself as a prolific researcher with a focus on assessing the impact of vaccination programs and increasing vaccine awareness, acceptance, and uptake. She designed and led studies to evaluate the impact of the meningococcal A vaccine MenAfriVac in Mali and the meningococcal B vaccine Bexsero in the US, both of which contributed to better understanding about how to best implement vaccination programs. In 2020, she and a colleague developed an interactive online COVID-19 vaccine tracker, providing real-time updates to millions of users around the world on the pandemic vaccine development progress.

“Prof. Basta’s impactful and policy-shaping epidemiological research benefits from her ability to make it accessible and useful to the global health community. The COVID-19 vaccine tool is one such instance,” says Finan. “Those achievements alone would make her deserving of the Rising Star but there’s more: she also demonstrates a deep commitment to mentoring the next generation of public health researchers through her research group which is exactly the kind of emerging leader we need.”

Once an infectious diseases outbreak investigator with the Florida Department of Health, Basta has first-hand knowledge that scientific research needs to be understood and adopted beyond the confines of academia. She works with policy makers and public health agencies and organizations to translate research findings into actionable strategies for disease prevention and control.

“It’s truly an honor to receive the 2024 Rising Star Award from the Sabin Vaccine Institute, especially since I am deeply committed to ensuring that we have the evidence we need to demonstrate the importance of vaccination and increase access and uptake,” says Basta. “This recognition is also a testament to the outstanding collaborators and trainees I have had the privilege to work with and it motivates us to continue to make a difference in the years ahead.”

The Gold Medal is Sabin’s highest scientific honor. It has been given annually for more than three decades to a distinguished member of the global health community who has made exceptional contributions to vaccinology or a complementary field. Past award recipients include leaders of vaccinology and vaccine advocacy such as Drs. Barney Graham, Carol Baker, Bill Foege, Anne Gershon, Stanley Plotkin, and Kathrin Jansen.

Sabin’s Rising Star award was created in 2020 to encourage and recognize the next generation of vaccine and immunization leaders.

About the Sabin Vaccine Institute

The Sabin Vaccine Institute is a leading advocate for expanding vaccine access and uptake globally, advancing vaccine research and development, and amplifying vaccine knowledge and innovation. Unlocking the potential of vaccines through partnership, Sabin has built a robust ecosystem of funders, innovators, implementers, practitioners, policy makers and public stakeholders to advance its vision of a future free from preventable diseases. As a non-profit with three decades of experience, Sabin is committed to finding solutions that last and extending the full benefits of vaccines to all people, regardless of who they are or where they live. At Sabin, we believe in the power of vaccines to change the world. For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter, @SabinVaccine.

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Sabin Vaccine Institute
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Révélation du thème de la 8e édition de la conférence Future Investment Initiative : « Horizons infinis : investir aujourd’hui pour façonner l’avenir »

fii8 concept theme

RIYAD, Arabie saoudite, 19 avr. 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Le Future Investment Initiative (FII) Institute se réjouit de dévoiler le thème de la 8e édition de sa conférence FII, prévue du 29 au 31 octobre 2024 au prestigieux Centre de conférences international du Roi Abdulaziz, dans la capitale saoudienne.

Organisée auteur du thème prometteur : « Horizons infinis : investir aujourd’hui pour façonner l’avenir », la FII 8e édition fera naître des débats sur la manière dont l’investissement peut servir d’incubateur vers un avenir prospère et durable, en repoussant les limites du possible pour le genre humain.

Rassemblant des leaders mondiaux, des entrepreneurs, des dirigeants politiques, des médias, mais aussi des décideurs dans les domaines de la finance, de l’IA, du développement durable, de l’énergie, de la géoéconomie, de l’industrie spatiale, et bien d’autres encore, la FII 8e édition promet d’être un creuset d’idées innovantes. En exploitant le thème des « Horizons infinis », la conférence 2024 entend inciter les participants à transcender les limites conventionnelles de la pensée et à explorer des opportunités d’investissement qui peuvent rapprocher les enjeux actuels des possibilités futures.

Richard Attias, PDG et membre du Conseil d’administration du FII Institute, a souligné l’importance de ce thème : « Horizons infinis est bien plus qu’un thème. C’est un vibrant appel à élargir notre vision collective et à embrasser les perspectives illimitées de l’avenir. Il représente notre engagement à susciter des débats menant vers un avenir où l’investissement ne connaît pas de limites et contribue à un meilleur avenir pour tous ».

Organisée par le Future Investment Initiative (FII) Institute, une organisation fondée par le PIF (Public Investment Fund), la conférence FII fera peau neuve à l’occasion de sa 8e édition, pour une semaine exclusivement réservée aux membres du FII Institute, aux délégués invités et aux partenaires stratégiques. Lors de la conférence, les discussions seront axées sur les données, afin de garantir que les idées sont fondées sur des faits et des stratégies exploitables.

Pour les demandes médias, veuillez contacter :

Téléphone : +966 53 978 2030

E-mail :

Le Future Investment Initiative (FII) Institute est une organisation à but non lucratif d’envergure mondiale dont la vocation est d’avoir un impact sur l’humanité. Par le biais de notre pôle d’investissement, nous encourageons l’innovation dans l’intelligence artificielle (ou IA) et la robotique, l’éducation, les soins de santé et le développement durable, afin de transformer les idées en solutions concrètes.

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Apresentando o tema do 8º Fórum do Future Investment Initiative: “Horizontes Infinitos: Investindo Hoje, Moldando o Amanhã”

fii8 concept theme

RIYADH, Arábia Saudita, April 18, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — O Future Investment Initiative (FII) Institute tem o prazer de anunciar o tema para a próxima 8ª edição da conferência FII, marcada para 29 a 31 de outubro de 2024, no renomado Centro Internacional de Conferências Rei Abdulaziz (KAICC) em Riyadh, Arábia Saudita.

Com o instigante tema “Horizontes Infinitos: investindo hoje, moldando o amanhã”, a FII8 promoverá debates sobre como o investimento pode ser um catalisador para um futuro próspero e sustentável, ampliando os limites do que é possível para a humanidade.

A FII8 promete ser um caldeirão de ideias inovadoras, reunindo líderes globais, empreendedores, políticos, profissionais da mídia e tomadores de decisão em áreas como finanças, inteligência artificial, sustentabilidade, energia, geoeconomia, e até mesmo exploração espacial. Com o tema “Horizontes Infinitos”, a conferência deste ano desafiará os participantes a pensarem além dos limites convencionais e explorarem oportunidades de investimento que possam transcender os desafios atuais e abrir caminho para possibilidades futuras.

Richard Attias, CEO e membro do conselho do FII Institute, destacou a importância desse tema, afirmando que “Horizontes Infinitos não é apenas um lema; é um chamado claro para expandir nossa visão coletiva e abraçar as perspectivas ilimitadas do futuro. Isso representa nosso compromisso de promover conversas que levem a um futuro em que o investimento não tenha limites e contribua para um futuro melhor para todos.”

A FII8, organizada pelo FII Institute, estabelecida pelo PIF, trará um formato inovador como uma semana exclusiva para membros do FII Institute, delegados convidados e parceiros estratégicos. As discussões durante a conferência serão baseadas em dados, assegurando que as visões sejam fundamentadas em fatos e estratégias exequíveis.

Para comunicação social, entre em contato com:

Telefone: +966 53 978 2030


O Future Investment Initiative (FII) Institute é uma fundação global sem fins lucrativos dedicada a impactar a humanidade. Através do nosso braço de investimento, promovemos a inovação em Inteligência Artificial (IA) e Robótica, Educação, Saúde e Sustentabilidade, transformando ideias em soluções do mundo real.

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Ethiopia’s BRICS Membership Bearing Fruit

Addis Ababa: As Ethiopia assumed its membership in the esteemed BRICS alliance in January 2024, the country’s active involvement in various BRICS meetings has begun to yield a multitude of benefits.

From economic opportunities to technological advancement and global collaboration, Ethiopia’s BRICS membership is proving to be a catalyst for growth and development.

Ethiopia wasted no time in making its mark within the BRICS community, with its first-ever participation in a major BRICS meeting held in January 2024.

This initial engagement focused on issues of common concern, allowing Ethiopia to contribute to the group’s agenda and forge meaningful connections with fellow member nations.

One of the key advantages of Ethiopia’s BRICS membership lies in the technological sphere. BRICS nations are renowned for their advancements in technology and innovation.

By joining BRICS, Ethiopia gains access to a vast pool of technological expertise, best practices, and collaborative opportunities. This strategic positio
ning empowers Ethiopia to strengthen its own technological capabilities and advance its digital transformation agenda.

Ethiopia’s commitment to information security has also been showcased through its active participation in the BRICS Working Group on Security in the Use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

During the 10th meeting held in Moscow, Ethiopia emphasized the significance of international information security and the peaceful utilization of ICTs.

The country stressed the need for close cooperation and coordination among BRICS member nations to proactively prevent cyber attacks, fostering a secure digital landscape.

The recent meeting focused on ‘Security in the use of Information and Communications Technologies’ saw Ethiopia’s enthusiastic engagement alongside all member countries.

The Information Network Security Administration (INSA), Director General , Tigist Hamid who represented who represented Ethiopia at the forum, highlighted the nation’s commitment to leveraging its ab
undant young talent for Ethiopia’s journey to prosperity.

Recognizing the importance of adapting to the rapidly changing information and technology ecosystem, she emphasized the need for swift adjustments to mitigate the growing global threat of cyber attacks.

The issue of information security resonated strongly among BRICS member countries, who collectively recognized its significance. Tigist also called for continued emphasis on the topic, stressing the importance of cooperation and coordination among member nations. Strengthening resilience to cyber threats and fostering a secure global digital environment emerged as shared priorities within the BRICS community.

The 10th BRICS Working Group Summit concluded on a high note, with member countries reaching a comprehensive agreement. This agreement encompassed various aspects of information communication security, including information exchange, joint prevention of cyber threats, capacity building programs, increased resilience to cyber attacks, and the sha
ring of best practices.

The 10th BRICS Working Group meeting confirmed the mutual interest of all the participants of the group in strengthening cooperation among members. An important practical result of the work was the decision to establish a register of BRICS contact points for the exchange of information on computer attacks/incidents in the expanded membership. The partners received a positive response to the Russian proposals on strengthening the regulatory and legal framework for cooperation, as well as on launching a dialog through the scientific and academic community.

During the event, the delegations agreed to continue close cooperation in all aspects at multilateral platforms. They reaffirmed their commitment to the exclusively peaceful use of ICTs, to prevent militarization of information space, to prevent conflicts in it, and to overcome the digital divide. They agreed to jointly promote these principles in the UN.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

Field Marshal Birhanu Extends Condolences over Death of Kenya’s Defense Chief

Addis Ababa: Chief of General Staff of the Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF), Field Marshal Birhanu Jula, has expressed his condolences over the death of General Francis Omondi Ogolla, Kenya’s Chief of Defense Force.

In his message of condolences on behalf of the ENDF and himself, Field Marshal Birhanu expressed his compassion to the bereaved families and friends of the top military officers who lost their lives in a helicopter crash.

He stated that General Ogolla has hugely contributed to peace and security of his country as well as the region.

Field Marshal Birhanu affirmed that the ENDF will stand by Kenyans at this difficult time.

Kenya began today a three-day mourning after its defense chief and nine other senior military officers were killed in a helicopter crash.

The helicopter was carrying 11 people, including the Kenyan Chief of Defense Force Gen. Ogolla, when it crashed on Thursday and caught fire in a remote area near the border with Uganda, killing nine people on board.

Source: Ethiop
ian News Agency

Addis Ababa Mayor Launches 6 Months Environmental Protection Campaign

Addis Ababa: Mayor of Addis Ababa Adanech Abiebe launched today a 6 months environmental protection campaign that is expected to engage 2.7 million residents of the city.

The campaign organized under the theme ‘Stop Pollution, Beauty Awakes’ will have significant role in the metropolitan city’s thrive towards reducing the adverse impact of climate change.

The projects such as riverside development spearheaded by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed beautifying the capital, Addis Ababa have immense potential to making the city global tourist destination, she elaborated.

Addis Ababa is endowed with various natural resources including 1,300 hectares of land restricted forest and numerous rivers, Mayor Adanech said, and urged residents to discharge due responsibility in keeping the city clean.

The City Administration has planted about 60 million trees over the last couple of years through the national campaign of Green Legacy initiated by Premier Abiy, it was indicated.

Addis Ababa City Environmental Protection Authori
ty CEO, Dida Diriba said on his part that the campaign through broad community base mobilization will create awareness in environmental protection of the city.

The forest coverage of Addis Ababa has increased from 2.8 percent to 15 percent through Green Legacy Initiative following the massive tree planting carried out over the past years, he said, and added that this campaign will likewise have paramount impact.

Furthermore, Dida said that the personal plastic bottle usage of the country has risen from 0.6 kg in 2007 to 2.6 kg in 2022.

The authority is encouraging the use of electric vehicles towards ensuring the reduction of adverse climate change impacts.

Every month is allotted to specific environmental protection including plastic bottles, weather, water, soil, and sound pollutions.

Addis Ababa City Administration Council Speaker, Buzena Al-Kader and over 2,000 residents of the capital attended the launching ceremony.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency