Ministry to Develop 5 New Tourist Destinations

The Ministry of Tourism announced that it will develop 5 new tourist destinations in different parts of the country.

Public Relations Director at the Ministry, Almayehu Getachew told ENA that Ethiopia has so far not succeeded in exploiting its tourism potential at the desired level.

At present the government is promoting new tourism destinations with the view to enhancing revenue from the sector, he added.

As a result, the number of local and foreign tourists has been growing.

According to the director, the effort to renovate tourism sites and develop existing ones will further be consolidated in order to improve the tourist flow.

In this respect, the ministry will mobilize the people and seek financial sources to commence the development of 5 new tourism destinations in regions in the current Ethiopian fiscal year .

Almayehu pointed out that the tourism projects initiated by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed will enhance the nation’s income from the sector upon completion.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency