GRA Seizes GHS7.9 Million Worth of Illicit Tobacco Products

Accra, Ghana - The Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has confiscated a significant quantity of illicit tobacco products valued at GHS7.95 million. These products, smuggled into Ghana through unapproved border routes, include brands such as Oris Double Apple, Business Royals, Gold Seal, Bon, Yes, and Business Kings, which do not comply with Ghana's legal standards.

According to Ghana News Agency, Assistant Commissioner of Communication and Public Affairs at the GRA, the seized brands lack mandatory features such as graphic health warnings, the 'For Sale in Ghana' inscription, and Ghana Tax Stamps. The GRA is conducting investigations to identify and prosecute those involved in the illicit trade and is working closely with relevant government agencies to ensure appropriate legal action.

The smuggling of these tobacco products violates the Public Health Act, 2012, Act 851, and the Tobacco Control Regulations, 2016 (L.I. 2247). Under these regulations, the manufacture, import, export, supply, possession, or sale of illicit tobacco or tobacco products is prohibited. The GRA also emphasized that all tobacco products must be registered with the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) before being manufactured, imported, or sold.

The GRA appealed to the public to report any information on warehouses or locations used for storing illicit tobacco products. This effort is part of the GRA's commitment to combat illegal trade, protect the nation's revenue, and support legitimate businesses.