Government To Provide Enabling Environment To Support Realization Of Vision 2030

The government is committed to ensure it provides an enabling environment to support realization of the vision 2030 across the country.

Agriculture and Livestock Cabinet Secretary Mr. Mithika Linturi said the government will ensure that all players in the sectors that will drive the economy to achieve its objectives easily get the necessary and real time support.

The CS made the remarks during the launch of the Fourth and the last Medium-Term Plan phase as anchored in the Vision 2030 development agenda in Isiolo town.

He said that all National and County programmes are now aligned towards improving the lives of Kenyans as envisioned in the national development blueprint.

He added that the two-tier government has a responsibility to ensure that they create employment for numerous youth and women with a view to improve their livelihood.

Mr. Linturi observed that the aligned flagship projects in Isiolo that include, International Abattoir, Market, Road infrastructure and the Airport would open the region an
d elevate economic returns which would largely benefit the local population.

He underscored the importance of the abattoir saying the livestock keepers from the region would benefit from sale of their animals since the government will have established local and external markets for meat and other products.

He added that tipped the farmers to work hard and take advantage of the upcoming projects which the government planned to eradicate poverty among residents.

The CS called upon the local people to diversify their agricultural and economic activities like indulging in the lucrative camel milk business that has higher returns compared to cattle milk.

During the occasion Mr. Linturi was accompanied by Petroleum Principal Secretary Mr. Mohamed Liban, Deputy Governor Dr. James Lowasa and Isiolo County Commissioner Geofrey Omoding among other leaders.

The leaders gave tips on how the government would turn around agriculture to increase production and feed the population with ease.

These tips include export o
f value-added products to increase the balance of trade and establishment of numerous small and medium enterprises through key value chains in the production sector.

The Vision 2030 development strategy started in 2008 and was to be implemented in four five-year medium term plan phases scheduled for years; 2008-2012, 2013-2017, 2018-2022 and finally 2023-2027.

Source: Kenya News Agency

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