GERD Is Project that Ensures Mutual Benefits of Regional, Riparian Countries: Foreign Affairs Spokesperson

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) is a project that ensures the mutual benefitS of the regional and riparian countries, Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Meles Alem told ENA.

Meles said that the dam has great significance for regional integration.

According to him, the dam is a power plant built with the wealth, knowledge and labor of Ethiopians who have been steadfastly struggling for the accomplishment of the project.

The dam has addressed the quest of a generation and the successful completion of the fourth and final round filling of GERD is a gift for Ethiopians on their new year, the spokesperson elaborated.

Meles noted that Ethiopia has been under immense pressures because of the dam; but succeeded in overcoming challenges by firmly sticking to principle and commitment.

Even if the dam is being built by Ethiopians internal capacity and in their sovereign territory, the benefit of the dam is beyond the nation, the spokesperson underlined.

As a demonstration of one of the benefits of the dam, he cited the power integration works Ethiopia has been pursing with the neighboring countries that will in turn strengthen economic integration.

In addition, the dam has huge benefits in protecting for the lower riparian countries from sediment, floods and ensuring sufficient water flow, Meles said.

Hence, he underlined that the dam is a project that should be a source of cooperation instead of conflict as it ensures mutual benefits for regional and lower riparian countries.

The fourth and final round filling has been conducted based on the policy of sovereignty of Ethiopia and to enable 65 million citizens access electricity, Meles noted.

Recalling that Ethiopia had not signed any agreement regarding Abay River, the spokesperson added that the country will not be stopped from its development efforts by those one-sided colonial era agreements.

Meles, who said that Ethiopia enjoys good relationship with the riparian countries beyond the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, stated that Ethiopia will further strengthen collaboration with the countries on development and shared benefits of the respective peoples as well as regional issues.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

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