Ethiopian Startup Awards Launched in Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa: The Ethiopian Startup Awards has been launched today with the objective to encourage innovative entrepreneurs in the country.

The Award Program was co-hosted by the Ministry of Labor and Skills, Global Startup Awards, and the Ministry of Innovation and Technology.

The launching ceremony was held in the presence of senior government officials including Deputy Prime Minister Temesgen Tiruneh and Minister of Labor and Skills Muferihat Kamil.

Speaking on occasion, Deputy Prime Minister Temesgen mentioned about the activities being carried out by the government of Ethiopia to boost Startups to help the country become influential in terms of innovation and technology.

He said attention has been given for the start uppers which are vital for development of other economic sectors.

Furthermore, he mentioned about the month long National Startup event launched by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed recently that attracted over 300 start uppers.

The even had created a platform to exchange knowledge, training, a
nd panel discussion, he underscored.

Acknowledging the positive impacts of innovation and technology, he indicated that those technologically advanced nations are influential in all fields. Ethiopia is aware of this and it has been intensifying reform to further stimulate the sector.

Winners of the Ethiopian Startup Awards are expected participate in a competition that will be held at African level next year in Ethiopia. Continental winners will also be part of the international award competition that is scheduled to take place in Istanbul, Turkeye.

Appreciating the private companies and stakeholders for their unreserved support for the start uppers, he called on to continue their enhanced support.

Temesgen also indicated that the government of Ethiopia has embarked on massive development activities in order to transform the country to a better chapter citing the surplus irrigated wheat production, green development revolution and other infrastructure.

Ministry of Labor and Skills, Muferihat Kamil on her
part said the star up initiative have been demonstrating the capacities of Ethiopian youths in innovations.

The attention given for innovation and creativity has create an opportunity for start uppers to be encouraged as several start uppers are engaging in the business activities, she added.

Start ups have been given the utmost attention in the 10 year development plan of the country, she indicated, mentioning the proclamations enacted to promote the sector.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

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