Ethiopian Airlines Embarks on Customer Service excellence to Sustain Growth: CEO

Addis Ababa: Ethiopian Airlines has been striving for excelling customer service delivery that would help it lift up the ongoing growth into a higher level, said CEO Mesfin Tassew.

In connection with its 78th anniversary, Ethiopian has made a special flight to Cairo, Egypt on Sunday.

During the occasion, the CEO said that the Ethiopian is working with great emphasis on customer service.

Recalling Ethiopian started its operation with a few planes in 1946, Mesfin stated that the airline is now the leading Aviation Group in Africa and internationally in all facets of the aviation business.

He further emphasized the Ethiopian has come to be the aviation giant in Africa that ‘we are now pioneering African aviation with many first aviation innovation introductions to Africa along the way.’

For him, the airline has been able to sustain success in its journey of more than seven decades due to its steadfast organizational working culture.

Explaining the secrets of the airline’s continued success, the CEO reveale
d that the quality service to enhance customer convenience is pivotal.

He also pledged to maximize the customer service in order to consolidate growth.

Sunday’s chief pilot of the historical flight to Cairo, Egypt, Captain Yosef Hailu noted that Ethiopian always strives for moving to a higher level and is committed to remain in the leading aviation group.

Passengers, who were on board from different countries, expressed their joy over 78th anniversary of the Ethiopian Airlines which made a special flight to Cairo.

Ethiopian has become the pride of all Africans beyond Ethiopia, the passengers said.

They also appreciated the hospitality provided to them by the senior officials of the Ethiopian Airlines as they were part of this historic trip.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency