Ethiopia Earns 1 Billion USD from Coffee Export in Ten months

Addis Ababa: Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority (ECTA) disclosed that coffee exports have brought 1 Billion USD to the country in revenue in ten months of the current fiscal year.

General Director of the Authority Adugna Debela told ENA Ethiopia’s coffee export is increasing every year.

About 210,000 tons of coffee has been exported to the global market over the past ten months, he added.

This shows significant increment compared to the same period of last year, it was indicated.

Noting the nation has exported coffee to more than 50 countries he said, adding that efforts are being made to expand the destination countries for Ethiopian coffee.

On other hand, coffee promotion work is being done by organizing coffee fairs and other activities in different countries.

‘In terms of finding new global markets, we participated in a lot of exhibitions. We have been encouraging our suppliers and exporters to participate in exhibitions held in different countries. Currently, China, South Korea, Sudan, and the Unit
ed Arab Emirates have started to take high production of Ethiopian coffee,’ he said.

Moreover, the General Director noted a modern system has been put in place to avoid illegal activities related to coffee trade and to increase the foreign trade performance of the sector.

U.S, Japan, Belgium, Germany and Saudi Arabia are the countries that import and consume Ethiopian coffee in large quantities.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

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