Ethiopia and India Launch GTTC Forum to Boost Trade, Investment, and Cultural Exchanges

ADDIS ABABA – The GTTC India-Ethiopia forum, aimed at enhancing trade and investment opportunities between Ethiopia and India, was officially launched on Saturday. This initiative, organized by the Ethiopian Embassy in New Delhi, provides a platform for businesses from both countries to network, collaborate, and explore joint ventures.

According to Ethiopian News Agency, the GTTC India-Ethiopia forum's establishment is a significant step towards strengthening bilateral relationships between the two nations. The forum will not only focus on economic ties but also aims to foster cultural exchanges, enhancing understanding and relationships between the people of Ethiopia and India.

The initiative is designed to facilitate communication and the exchange of information among its members, including business leaders, government officials, and other key stakeholders. It seeks to create an environment conducive to discussing and resolving issues that may arise in trade and investment relations.

A major goal of the forum is to encourage collaborative projects and partnerships in various sectors such as agriculture, energy, healthcare, and technology. These industries are vital for the economic development of both countries and present significant opportunities for mutual growth and innovation.

Additionally, the promotion of tourism and education is highlighted as a priority, aiming to improve people-to-people contacts and cultural understanding. These efforts are seen as crucial in building a solid foundation for long-term cooperation between Ethiopia and India.

The formal establishment of the forum was marked by the signing of the certificate of establishment by Demeke Atnafu, the Ethiopian Ambassador to India, and Dr. Gaurav Gupta, Founder President of GTTCI (Global Trade and Technology Council of India).

The GTTC India-Ethiopia forum is expected to open new avenues for economic collaboration, cultural exchange, and mutual understanding, thereby strengthening the ties between Ethiopia and India.