Bono ISD launches sensitization campaign on Gender-Based Violence

The Information Service Department (ISD), in partnership with the Ministry of Gender, Children, and Social Protection, has initiated a sensitization campaign aimed at educating selected communities on gender-based violence and child trafficking.

The month-long exercise, which commenced on yesterday March 4, 2024, would focus on educating community members on various issues related to gender-based violence, including child abuse, domestic violence, and other forms of abuse, as well as addressing all types of trafficking.

Six municipalities and districts in the Bono Region chosen for the campaign, included, Wenchi, Sunyani West, Berekum, and Dormaa Municipalities, Tain, and Jaman North Districts, with more than 2,000 communities expected to participate in the movement.

During the campaign, ISD staff in the six municipalities and districts would visit and engage with traditional and opinion leaders, churches, mosques, utilize information centers and vans, and interact with individuals to disseminate the infor

Mr. Imoro Ayibani, the Bono Regional Director of ISD speaking at the official launch in Sunyani, stated that the selection of those six communities were based on a baseline survey that identified prevalent gender-based violence and trafficking issues.

He observed that many instances of abuse occurred within those communities but often go unreported, therefore, this campaign aims to raise awareness about such abuses, empower individuals to address this hidden violence against themselves, friends, parents, and family members through the appropriate channels.

Mr. Ayibani gave assurances that the exercise at the end would empower community members to report instances of abuse to help reduce violence within the communities.

Additionally, he mentioned that the exercise would aid in data collection to inform government policies, and decision-making processes.

He urged community members to refrain from abusing the toll-free number provided as part of the exercise for reporting issues, as it was essential
for the number to serve its intended purpose effectively.

Source: Ghana News Agency

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