14 Million Youth Participate in Nat’l Voluntary Service Program: Ministry of Peace

Addis Ababa: Some 14 million youth have participated in the national voluntary service program to foster their contribution in Ethiopia’s aspiration of development and prosperity, according to the Ministry of Peace.

The Ethiopian national voluntary youth service program was launched in 2020 to mobilize volunteers across the country, it was indicated.

Essentially, the government of Ethiopia has introduced the program with the objective of fostering a sense of national unity, social cohesion, peace and stability, volunteerism and public service.

In response to this voluntary youth service program request, 14 million youths have participated in the program, the National Volunteer Service Lead Executive with the Ministry Gemechis Eticha told ENA.

Tremendous youths of the country have received training in eight rounds since the inception of the national voluntary youth service program.

The Ministry of Peace has trained 48,000 young people so far, he indicated

According to him, the engagement of the youth vol
unteers has brought about positive results and enabled the youth to play their role in national reconciliation and develop a sense of patriotism.

The lead executive added that the volunteers are playing an important role in nurturing peace and they are providing services that would solve social problems and benefit the society.

He also figured out that this year alone, some five million young people participated in the forums organized under the theme: ‘Adwa for sustainable peace and nation building.’

Stressing the need for consolidating the nation-state building and realizing lasting peace, Gemechis said a national voluntary youth service program has been put into action and will be reinforced through generations.

As a result, the Ethiopian youth voluntary association is being formed for this purpose, mentioning that 34,000 members have been registered so far.

The 9th round of the national voluntary service training is anticipated to be started next week and it will bring about 1,500 young volunteers, i
t was learned.

Finally, Gemechis called on non-governmental organizations and the community to support the government’s efforts to strengthen voluntary services in Ethiopia

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

Ethiopia Elected as Member of UN Commission on the Status of Women

Addis Ababa: Ethiopia has been elected to serve as a member of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) for a four-year term.

In 1946 the Commission on the Status of Women was established to promote the advancement of women throughout the world.

The Commission continues to provide unique opportunities for exchange of ideas, experiences, good practices and lessons-learned to enhance implementation of commitments at national level, through interactive expert panels on the themes under consideration and roundtables for high level representatives attending the annual sessions.

Ethiopia is elected to be a member of UN Commission on the Status of Women for a four-year term of office beginning at the first meeting of the Commission’s seventieth session in 2025 and expiring at the close of its seventy-third session in 2029, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency